[OS] Plan 9 has been forked

"Plan 9 has been forked to start a development out of the Bell Labs (or whatever they are called these days…). This true community-approach allows further development of Plan 9, even if the shrinking resources at Bell-Labs for Plan 9 are vanishing. The homepage and thecode can be both found at Google code. You can boot 9front from the regulary built live cd or build the binaries in your existing Plan 9 installation. Installation instructions and further information can be obtained at the 9front wiki."


Plan 9 是贝尔实验室计划开发的下一代网络操作系统, 不过最新版本停留在第四版.

最近Plan 9托管到了 google code , 有了他的开发社区,并且更新了吉祥物。

Space Glenda原本的吉祥物: Glenda

image  现在的吉祥物:⑨(又称 琪露诺,东方幻想乡人物,幻想乡最强⑨)


你可以用通过live cd试用或者自己编译一个

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